Ulterra Trim Stow Reset

In the unlikely event Ulterra will not trim or stow, the following procedure will reset the motor and restore functionality. If Ulterra does  not reset, repeat the procedure. If the second attempt fails, please contact your local Authorized Service Provider.

  1. Locate the Indicator Panel at the base of the Mount.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button located on the Indicator Panel to turn the motor off. Make sure that the motor is off by checking that the green LED light next to the System Ready Indicator is off.
  3. Press the Power Button until the green LED illuminates and the motor is turned on.
  4. Wait 3 seconds.
  5. Press the Power Button 3 times consecutively within a 2 second period.
    The red and green LEDs will flash continuously and the Ulterra will go through the following automated sequence:
    • The motor will position itself into the proper orientation.
    • The motor will automatically trim up to the Mount and then trim down approximately 6 inches.
    • The flashing red LED next to the System Ready Indicator will turn off, and the flashing green LED next to the Status Indicator will become solid green.

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