Video Guide: How to Troubleshoot an Ulterra or Riptide Ulterra That Wont Deploy - No Audible Error Tone (Does Not Include Ulterra QUEST or Riptide Instinct QUEST)(2015-present)

This video will show you the steps of how to inspect and troubleshoot a Minn Kota Ulterra that will not deploy or respond - no error tone is audible.

*This video is shown on Minn Kota Ulterra models that were built after 2017 (Bluetooth-enabled).

*Note: These instructions do not apply to the Ulterra QUEST nor the Riptide Instinct QUEST.

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Key times in the video:

  • 2:10 #3 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 2:16 3/16 Allen Wrench
  • 3:01 Do not use grease
  • 3:04 Clean with a water-based silicone

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