Video Guide: How to Reset the Park or Stow Position on the Ulterra and Riptide Ulterra (Does Not Include Ulterra QUEST or Riptide Instinct QUEST)(2015-present)

*Note: These instructions do not apply to the Ulterra QUEST nor the Riptide Instinct QUEST.

If your Ulterra or Riptide Ulterra motor does not properly position the motor lower unit in the “park” position when stowing, you may need to do a Stow Reset.
This is typically when the motor lower unit is not turned to orient it at 90 degrees relative to the motor mounting base so that it lays horizontally when the Ulterra motor pulls the motor on to the motor ramps). The video below shows you the simple steps to reset the motor.

Resetting the Park Position on the Ulterra

  1. Stow the motor but stop it before the lower unit is pulled onto the ramps OR deploy the motor far enough out that you can turn it.
  2. Power off the motor.
  3. Gently turn the lower unit by hand until it will line up correctly with the motor ramps. You can have the prop on either the left side or the right side, whichever works best for your boat.
  4. Power on the motor and complete the stow.
  5. Deploy and stow the motor to test the park position is correct.
  6. If it is not correct repeat steps 1-5.

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