Video Guide: How to Install Raptor™ Hydraulic Hoses and Power Connection

This video will show you how to route and install Minn Kota Raptor hydraulic hoses and hook up power to the pump.

Key times in the video:

  • 0:43 Route your hydraulic hoses
  • 1:44 feed the hoses through the routing holes
  • 2:02 slide the rubber grommets back from the end of the hose
  • 2:56 bundle your hoses below deck before attaching then to the pump
  • 3:37 remove the black cap from the hose
  • 3:48 turn the connection by hand five to seven times
  • 4:32 connect your Raptor hydraulic pump to any marine grade 12-volt battery
  • 5:16 fill the reservoir with hydraulic fluid

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