Power your Advanced GPS Navigation Wireless Remote On and Off and the Power Menu (2023-present)

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  • To Power the remote on, press the power button on the side of the remote.
  • To Power Off the remote, press the Power button and then the Steer Right button.

Power Button

When using the Wireless Remote buttons, the Power button will open the Power Menu system. The Speed Up and Speed Down buttons are used to move up and down the menu and the Steer Right button is used to select a menu option.
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Power Menu
The Power Menu is accessible by pressing the Power button on the right side of the remote. Become familiar with the choices in the Power Menu to better control the Wireless Remote. Power Menu selections are dynamic, depending on your setup. Standard selections include Power Off, Backlight and Backlight Timeout. Additional selections may include Shallow Water Anchor and Motor menus when these devices are connected.

  • POWER OFF - Powers the remote "off."
  • BACKLIGHT - Sets the Backlight intensity to either "off" or a range of one to five. The default is "off."
  • BACKLIGHT TIMEOUT - Sets the timeout duration for the Backlight. It can be set to 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and Always On. The default is 30 seconds.
  • RAPTOR/TALON UP - Only visible when a Raptor/Talon is paired. Use to retract the Raptor/Talon.
  • RAPTOR/TALON DOWN - Only visible when a Raptor/Talon is paired. Use to deploy the Raptor/Talon.
  • INSTINCT/ULTERRA - Only visible when an Ulterra, Ulterra QUEST & RT Instinct QUEST motor is connected. Use to stow and deploy the motor and adjust the trim.
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