Using Cruise Control for Advanced GPS Navigation (2023-present)

During regular operation of the Advanced GPS Navigation system, the user can control Prop speed. The controller will communicate the Speed Over Ground (SOG) to the remote and the remote will display it. The SOG is the speed that the boat is traveling and will vary based on environmental factors such as wind and current, even if the Prop speed remains the same. Cruise Control helps to compensate for the variety of external forces that affect the SOG and keeps the boat traveling at an even speed. When Cruise Control is engaged, the current SOG becomes the Target Speed. Cruise Control automatically controls the Prop speed to match the Speed Over Ground to the Target Speed.

Cruise Control.png
Warning- a turning prop.png

Engaging Cruise Control

  1. Press the Cruise Control button.
  2. Once Cruise Control is engaged, the Cruise Control icon will display on the Dashboard.
    Cruise Control 1b.png
  3. The Target Speed can be increased and decreased using the Speed Up and Speed Down buttons. The Prop speed will adjust accordingly based on the current conditions.
    Notice- SOG refers to Speed Over Ground.png

Disengaging Cruise Control

  1. When Cruise Control is engaged, press the Cruise Control button to disengage.
  2. The Cruise Control Target Speed and Cruise Control icon will disappear from the Dashboard.
    Disengaging Cruise Control 1b.png
    Notice- If Cruise control is.png
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