Using Spot Lock and Spot Lock Jog with Advanced GPS Navigation (2023-present)


Spot-Lock uses a single point of reference that is recorded when the Spot-Lock button is pressed. The reference point is a set of GPS coordinates that are captured at the location of the motor at the moment the button is pressed. This point is recorded and can be saved into one of the Spot-Lock memory locations. Spot-Lock works by recognizing the GPS coordinates and will automatically navigate the boat to keep it at the Spot-Lock location. If the Advanced GPS Navigation system sees the motor is not positioned at the Spot-Lock location, it will control motor speed and direction in an attempt to keep the motor on the Spot-Lock location.
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Engaging Spot-Lock

  1. Press the Spot-Lock button.
  2. The Spot-Lock Active Band will appear on the Dashboard.
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  3. To save the Spot-Lock, press the Menu button. Scroll to Save Spot-Lock. Select it by pressing the Steer Right button.
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  4. A banner will appear at the bottom of the screen for three seconds that displays the Spot-Lock ID.
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Disengaging Spot-Lock

  1. With Spot-Lock engaged, press the Spot-Lock button on the remote to disengage Spot-Lock.
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  2. The Spot-Lock Active Band will disappear from the Dashboard.


  1. Press the Menu button and then select Cancel Navigation.
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  1. Press the Prop button to cancel Spot-Lock.
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Spot-Lock Jog.png
Spot-Lock Jog

Spot-Lock Jog is a feature that is only available with a Heading Sensor. For information on the Heading Sensor, go to the "Heading Sensor" section of this manual. Engaging Spot-Lock Jog allows the current Spot-Lock location to be moved five feet forward, backward, left, or right.
Notice- a heading sensor is required.png
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Engage Spot-Lock Jog

  1. First engage Spot-Lock. Use the Speed Down (jog backward), Speed Up (jog forward), Steer Left (jog left), and Steer Right (jog right) buttons to jog the Spot-Lock location 5-feet in the selected direction from the current Spot-Lock location.
    Spot-Lock Jog 1a.png
  2. As soon as the boat is jogged to the new location, the new location is immediately saved into a temporary Spot-Lock Memory and the boat will relate additional jogging with the temporary Spot-Lock location.
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