Using the Advanced GPS Navigation Micro Remote (2023-present)

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  • speed up down.pngSpeed Down & Speed Up
    Press to decrease or increase motor speed.
  • prop on off.pngProp On/Off
    Pressing this button will turn the Prop on and off.
  • steer left right.pngSteer Left & Steer Right
    Press to steer the motor to the left or to the right.
  • max speed.pngMax Speed
    Bypasses the current motor speed to speed 10. Double press to engage. Single press to disengage.
  • spot lock.pngSpot-Lock
    Press to enable Spot-Lock. When Spot-Lock is enabled from the Micro Remote, use either the fully functioning standard remote or the fish finder if you want to save it.
  • autopilot.pngAutoPilot
    Press to enable AutoPilot. The selection between Heading Lock and Course Lock must be made from either the fully functioning standard remote or the fish finder.

The Advanced GPS Navigation controller is located in the Control Head on your Minn Kota trolling motor with Advanced GPS Navigation and may pair up to 5 remotes. These five remotes can be a combination of standard remotes and micro remotes. Any additional remotes can be paired using the following steps. Once the maximum number of remotes have been paired, the controller will start replacing the oldest paired remote in memory with the new remote.

  1. Power up the trolling motor
  2. Locate the Pair button at the top of the Control Head.
  3. Push and hold the Pair button down. A consistent tone will be emitted from the Control Head.
    Notice- make sure the remote stays.png
  4. While holding the Pair button on the Control Head, push and hold the Max Speed button and AutoPilot button on the remote simultaneously.
    Notice- when the remote is being paired.png
  5. Once successfully paired, 3 longer beeps will be emitted from the Control Head and the remote will be paired.
    Notince- a remote can be paired.png


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