Straight On Deploy for QUEST Trolling Motors (2023-present)

Minn Kota recommends setting the Keel Offset when the position of the Lower Unit is parallel with the Keel. Save the Keel Offset before exploring the Straight on Deploy feature. Straight on Deploy uses the position recorded in Keel Offset to know where to position the Lower Unit to be parallel with the Keel. When Straight on Deploy is engaged, the trolling motor will deploy the motor and automatically rotate the Lower Unit to the position saved to memory in Keel Offset. By default, the Lower Unit will be parallel to the Keel when the Mount is parallel to the Keel. If the Keel Offset was programmed to another angle, the Straight on Deploy feature will correct the position to match the corrected angle when turned “on.” If straight on deploy is turned “off,” the trolling motor will not correct the position in any direction.
Straight on deploy.png

Turning Straight On Deploy On/Off

  1. With the trolling motor powered “on,” press the Menu button on the Wireless Remote.
    Straight on deploy 1a.png
  2. Use the Speed Up or Speed Down button to find the Motor Settings menu. Use the Steer Right button to select Motor Settings.
    Straight on deploy 1b.png
  3. In the Motor Settings Menu, use the Speed Up or Speed Down button to find Straight on Deploy.
    Straight on deploy 1c.png
  4. By default, the Straight on Deploy is toggled "off."
  5. Use the Steer Right button to toggle between “on” and “off.”
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