Using Dodge for Advanced GPS Navigation (2023-present)

Dodge Mode allows you to temporarily suspend select forms of navigation while allowing you to manually control steering and prop speed to steer around an obstacle without canceling navigation, and then easily resume the previously suspended form of navigation. Dodge Mode is available during Drift Mode, GoTo Spot Lock, GoTo Waypoint, GoTo iTrack, GoTo Route, Circle Mode, Follow the Contour, and Follow the Shoreline. Dodge Mode will default to “on.”

Dodge mode.png

Turning Dodge Mode On/Off

  1. Press the Menu button and select Motor Settings by pressing the Steer Right button.
    Turn Dodge mode on off 1a.png
  2. Scroll to Dodge and press the Steer Right button to toggle “on” or “off.”
    Turn Dodge mode on off 1b.png

Engaging and Disengaging Dodge Mode

  1. While actively navigating a course, press the Steer Left or Steer Right button to pause navigation and engage Dodge Mode.
    engage disengage Dodge mode 1a.png
  2. Use the Steer Left or Steer Right buttons to steer around the obstruction.
  3. Use the Speed Up and Speed Down buttons to control prop speed while in Dodge Mode.
  4. To resume navigation while in Dodge Mode, press the Menu button.
  5. Use the Speed Up or Speed Down button to scroll to Resume Navigation, and select it by pressing the Steer Right button.
    engage disengage Dodge mode 1e.png

Video Explaining Dodge Mode

Click on the video below for additional information on the Dodge Mode System. The video covers several features of the Ultrex QUEST. Information on the Dodge Mode starts at 4:49. Click here to skip to that time.

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