Video Guide: Minn Kota Ultrex QUEST Trolling Motor Overview

In this video, Adam Knowles from Minn Kota joins us to unveil the exciting new Ultrex QUEST trolling motor. Anglers are now venturing into more challenging conditions than ever before, and that's precisely why the Ultrex QUEST was designed. Let's dive right into the features and see what sets it apart.

    Starting from scratch, the Ultrex QUEST is a completely redesigned trolling motor, while retaining all the beloved features of the original Ultrex. First off, you'll notice the larger brushless lower unit, offering 30% greater efficiency than the previous model and an impressive 50% more torque at 24 volts. Torque is the power that allows you to cut through weeds and maneuver your boat swiftly. To support this added power, Minn Kota has reinforced and reimagined the mount, bracket, shaft, and pivot points with enhanced durability and rigidity.
    Every Ultrex QUEST motor includes two props: the power prop and the Weedless Wedge. The power prop is ideal for open water, delivering maximum speed and torque. On the other hand, the Weedless Wedge prop features flare tips to efficiently shed weeds while maintaining performance across all RPM ranges.
    The focus with the Ultrex QUEST was to make it easier than ever to stow and deploy. The new trolling motor features an improved the lift assist and even offers aftermarket lift assist cylinders for accessories. Once deployed, the motor automatically aligns itself straight ahead, allowing you to start fishing right away. When it's time to stow the trolling motor out of the water, it turns perpendicular to the mount, eliminating the need to step on the pedal. This feature ensures your forward-facing sonar transducer or other equipment remains undisturbed and facing upward.
    The Ultrex QUEST foot pedal maintains its familiar wire-to-water feel, but with an added programmable One-Boat Network key. This key allows you to engage autopilot, mark waypoints on a Humminbird fish finder, or deploy your shallow water anchors, such as Raptors or Talons.
    In the importance of maximizing your time on the water to gain a competitive edge, Minn Kota has introduced real-time battery monitoring through your Humminbird fish finder. You can also extend your day by activating eco mode when you reach 20% battery life, conserving power for essential functions.
    GPS functionality has always been a standout feature of the Ultrex, and Minn Kota has taken it further with the Ultrex-Quest trolling motor. In addition to the renowned Spot-Lock, the new Drift Mode feature allows you to maintain a target speed and heading while slowing down to match wind or current conditions. It's perfect for fishing expansive flats or areas where you want precise control over your drift speed.
    At Minn Kota, compatibility is crucial. All Ultrex QUEST models come with built-in dual spectrum CHIRP or MEGA Side Imaging and include the necessary cabling for connecting to Humminbird fish finders right out of the box. Whether you have an APEX, SOLIX, or HELIX unit, Minn Kota has you covered. Additionally, due to the larger shaft of the Ultrex-Quest trolling motor, you'll find an additional mount for your live transducer, making installation a breeze.

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