Brushed Ultrex Serial Number Location and Dimensions

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2024 Ultrex (brushed) Dimensions

2024 Ultrex (brushed) Dimensions 1.png
2024 Ultrex (brushed) Dimensions 2.png
2024 Ultrex (brushed) Dimensions 3.png
2024 Ultrex (brushed) mount Dimensions.png
2024 Ultrex stowed Dimensions 1.png
2024 Ultrex stowed Dimensions 2.png
2024 Ultrex deployed Dimensions 1.png

2016-2023 Ultrex Dimensions

Ultrex Long Mount Dimensions

Ultrex_Long_Mount 1.png
Ultrex_Long_Mount 2.png
Ultrex_Long_Mount 3.png

Ultrex Short Mount Dimensions

Ultrex_short_Mount 1.png
Ultrex_short_Mount 2.png
Ultrex_short_Mount 3.png

Ultrex Foot Pedal Dimensions

Ultrex Foot Pedal Dimensions 1.png
Ultrex Foot Pedal Dimensions 2.png

Foot Pedal Serial Number Location

The serial number on Fortrex, Maxxum and Edge foot controlled models is located on the inside edge of the foot pedal under the momentary switch.
Foot Pedal Serial Number Location.png

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