Updating Raptor Software 2.040 from OBN App (IOS)

This is the solution for updating a Raptor to 2.040 from the OBN App on an Apple device.
Note: These steps are only required if you tried to update the Raptors before this fix and the Transfer button would flash but nothing would update.

Click here to download the Updating Raptor Software 2.040 from OBN App IOS.pdf

  1. Once the Raptor is paired to the phone, open the app and click on “Network and Updates”. In the Network and Updates screen, you will see the Raptor as a paired device. If you already have the update downloaded you will need to delete the file. Click the 3 dots on the bottom right-hand side of the connected Raptor and select “Delete Software” once the option is available.Software IOS 1.png
  2. Once the Update is deleted click the 3 dots in the lower right-hand corner again and select “Download Update”. Once the Download is finished select “Transfer Software”. When the Transfer is completed the Raptor will restart and you may have to re-pair the Phone to the Pump.Software IOS 2.png
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