What are Cable-Steer Motors

What are Cable-Steer Motors

Rugged and responsive, these models rely on a cables as the direct link between the foot pedal and the motor. Popular with bass fisherman, they also excel in shallow water by providing responsive steering to go around things like weeds and stumps. Minn Kota offers the Ultrex, Fortrex, Magnum, and Edge motors as Cable-Steer Motors.

How Cable-Steer Motors Work

The motors have 5-foot long cables running from the foot pedal into the head of the motor. Each cable is attached to either the heel or the toe of the foot pedal. From there, the cables run up to the head of the motor inside of a cable jacket. In the head of the motor, they attach to the shaft.

Steering the Motor

When you push the toe of the foot pedal down, the right cable pulls on the shaft and turns the motor to the right. If you push the heel of the motor down, the left cable pulls and turns the motor to the left. Because of the physical cables, the cable-steer motors have an immediate response time allowing you to maneuver your boat quickly.

Extending the Cables

Unfortunately, the cables are not able to be extended.

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