Engine Mount (EM) Installation


Please refer to the Owner's Manual for the installation instructions for the Engine Mount Motors. 

The Owner's Manual will include all installation considerations for your EM Motor. There are links for the manuals at the bottom of this page. 

Engine Mount Cords

The length of the two conductor leads coming from the control module output (the wires going to the motor unit), are only about one foot long. The length of wire that comes from the motor unit and goes to the short lead coming from the module is 12-foot and the hand control has an 18-foot cord.

Engine Mount Bracket

There is only one bracket for the EM. Before purchasing an EM, make sure to measure from the cavitation plate of the outboard to the waterline. You must have a minimum of 13". If you don't, the EM will not work on your application.

Using the EM on a Pontoon or Sailboat Rudder

The EM motor is designed specifically for installation on the anti-cavitation of an outboard or IO lower unit on a planning typed boat hull (a hull that lifts the EM motors out of the water when the boat is "on plane"). Also, mounting the EM motor on the rudder of a sailboat is not what the EM motor was designed for and would add considerable drag to the boat when under sail.

Using two Engine Mounts and Controlling them with one Controller

Each EM has its own controller. The controller is not designed to control two EMs.

The Minimum Size Outboard Motor that will Accommodate an Engine Mount (EM) Trolling Motor

We recommend an outboard motor with the following minimum dimensions:



Please Note: As of 2021 Engine Mount motors are no longer available from Minn Kota due to discontinuation

Freshwater Engine Mounts
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Saltwater Engine Mounts
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