Customizing the Bluetooth i-Pilot Link Remote (2017-2023)

If you prefer the remote buttons to be orientated below the touch screen, the i-Pilot Link remote has the option to orientate the screen to accommodate this preference. Once you orientate the screen, you can hold the remote with the buttons below the touch screen and the screen will be right reading. When orientating the screen, the Steer Right button, and the Steer Left button swap functions in order to correct the position of the remote.

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Scroll through the Content Area using either your finger or the Screen Navigation button to find the Options button.
  3. Select the Options button using either your finger or by pressing the Ok button to open the Options Menu.
  4. Once in the Options Menu, scroll through to find the Screen Rotate option. By default, the Screen Rotate is toggled "off".
  5. To toggle Screen Rotate "on", press the Screen Rotate option. The Screen Rotate toggle will turn green to indicate Screen Rotate on is turned "on". The orientation of the screen will also rotate 180 degrees.

Notice: When the Screen Rotate toggle is turned "on" the Steer Right button and Steer Left buttons swap functions. If the remote is then held so that the screen is right reading, the steering buttons will also control the motor in the correct direction.
For more details on i-Pilot Link remote customization, visit our i-Pilot Link Manual.

The i-Pilot Link remote allows the buttons in the Home Screen menu to be rearranged. This allows the user to move favorites or frequently used buttons to the top of the menu. See steps below or review the "Remote Controls" section of the i-Pilot Link owners manual.

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Scroll through the Content Area using either your finger or the Screen Navigation button to find the "System" button.
  3. Select the System button using your finger or by pressing the "OK" button to open the System Menu.
  4. Once in the System Menu, scroll through to find the "Menu Edit" option and select it.
  5. Once the "Menu Edit" is selected, the display screen will return to the Home Screen Buttons and display the on-screen prompt to "Select icon to move". Select the desired icon to move.


  1. Select the desired placement of the selected icon. Repeat the selection and placement of all desired icons until the Home Screen Button Menu is as desired.
  2. When done, select the "Save" button to keep the new arrangement, or select the "Cancel" button to return to the previous menu arrangement.

The i-Pilot Link remote has options for English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,  Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Croatian, and Russian. The owner's manual details how to change the language on page 101.

Range of the Remote

The range of the Bluetooth i-Pilot Link Remote is 30 feet. The range of the remote will be greatly reduced if it is used near or mounted to any metal object including aluminum or steel. It is also recommended that the front end of the remote not be obstructed during use.


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