Propeller Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Replacement (for all motors)

Replacement Propellers

To determine which propeller you need, please see the owner's manual for your motor. You can access the manuals by clicking this link. We do not recommend using an aftermarket prop on your Minn Kota Motor as it will increase the amp draw of the motor causing it to overheat and will void the warranty. There is a PDF available for downloading and printing at the bottom of the page for replacing the propeller. If you do not see the prop kit you're looking for listed, it is no longer available.

Propeller Maintenance

It is recommended that you remove the propeller after every use to inspect for fishing line and weeds.

Propeller Vibration

Props and shafts are not 100% symmetrical. Often times simply removing the prop, rotating it 180 degrees, and re-installing it will lessen or eliminate the incidence of vibration. If this does not correct the problem then you should contact your local Minn Kota Service Provider for an evaluation.

How to Replace the Propeller (step-by-step instructions)

The steps below will walk you through replacing your propeller. There are also videos below the step by step instructions showing how to replace your propeller.
NOTE: Only tighten the propeller nut/anode 1/4 turn past snug [25-35 inch lbs.]. Over-tightening can damage the propeller.


Tools Required:

  • Wrench (either a 1/2" or 9/16" depending on the model)
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver (only needed if the prop pin is broken)
  1. Disconnect the positive motor lead from the battery prior to changing the propeller.
  2. Hold the propeller and loosen the prop nut with a pliers or a wrench.
  3. Remove prop nut and washer. If the drive pin is sheared/broken, you will need to hold the shaft steady with a screwdriver blade pressed into the slot on the end of the shaft (Figure 1).
  4. Turn the old prop to horizontal (Figure 2), to prevent the drive pin from falling out, and pull it straight off. If the drive pin does fall out, push it back into the armature shaft.
  5. Align new propeller with drive pin.
  6. Install prop washer and prop nut.
  7. Tighten prop nut 1/4 turn past snug (25-35 inch lbs.).
  • CAUTION: Over tightening can damage prop and bend the drive pin.
  • NOTE: We recommend removing the prop after every use to check for weeds or fishing line that may be caught behind it (Figure 3). This can result in damage to the seals and allow water into the motor (Figure 4). Debris is not always visible (Figure 2) which is why the prop must be remove to be properly inspected.
  • NOTE: If you experience prop vibration, oftentimes removing the prop, rotating it 180°, and re-installing the prop will lessen or eliminate the incidence of vibration as all props and shafts are not 100% symmetrical.


How to Replace the Propeller

Watch this video for a step-by-step on how to replace a prop on your Minn Kota Trolling Motor

How to Install a Prop

Watch this video for a step-by-step on how to install a prop

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