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Raptor is an all-new kind of shallow water anchor that knows where you're anchoring, what's happening to your boat, and what to do next. With smart features and a hard-working design, Raptor keeps you locked down.

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You can access the Raptor owner's manual below:


Active Anchoring

Raptor senses when wind and waves pick up and start to threaten your hold. Then it automatically anchors itself back, and you don't have to lift a finger.

Auto-Bottom Mode

Whether you're anchoring into rocks, mud, silt, sand or anything else - Raptor automatically senses the bottom to apply the right hold, with Auto-Bottom Mode.
It's just one of four User-Selectable Anchoring Modes on Raptor. You can also activate Soft Bottom Mode for mud and silt, Rough Water Mode in wind and heavy chop, or Standard Mode for normal conditions.

Increased Retraction Force

Every inch of Raptor is built Minn Kota® tough: from its corrosion-resistant, aluminum construction and hydraulic-powered design to its powerfully engineered Reaction Force, which gets you out of any spot quickly when it's time to move.

Anchor From Anywhere

Control Raptor from anywhere on your boat at the push of a button – whether it’s the included wireless remote, optional wireless foot switch, your smartphone, your Humminbird fishfinder, or i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link system

Saltwater Rated

We’ve been combating the corrosive effects of saltwater for over 80 years, and we’ve built that know-how into Raptor. So saltwater won’t stand a chance.

Indestructible Anchoring Spike

Raptor’s composite spike is built to handle the elements for a lifetime of use – we guarantee it.

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