Talon Basics

Powering the Talon Shallow Water Anchor

The Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor is a mechanical design that is 100% electricity driven, so there is no messy hydraulic fluid and/or hoses to deal with. The Talon will operate with any lead acid, marine 12 volt battery. For best results, Minn Kota recommends connecting to the starting battery. Maintain battery at full charge. Proper care will ensure having battery power when you need it, and will significantly  improve the battery life.

Power Draw

The Talon draws a small amount of residual current from the battery even when not in use. If the Talon will not be used for more than 5 days, the Talon power leads should be disconnected from the battery. Do not connect the Talon to the same batteries that a trolling motor or other accessories are connected to. It is recommended the Talon be connected to the Starting Battery through a battery selector or power disconnect switch. This will disconnect power to the Talon when the Power Switch is "off". If you are not using a battery selector/power disconnect switch, the Talon may be connected directly to the Starting Battery.

Maximum Boat Weight a Talon can Hold

A single Talon is capable of anchoring a boat up to 28’ in length, and 4,500 lbs. For boats larger than this, we would recommend an additional Talon to ensure proper anchoring capability.

Talon Dimensions when Stowed

  • Two Stage Models (Produced from 2011 to 2015)
    • 6' Talon is 45"
    • 8' Talon is 57"
  • Three Stage Models (Produced from 2014 to present)
    • 8' Talon is 41"
    • 10' Talon is 49.5"
    • 12' Talon is 57.5"
  • Three Stage Models (Produced from 2017 to present)
    • 8' Talon is 41"
    • 10' Talon is 49.5"
    • 12' Talon is 57.5"
    • 15' Talon is 69"

Talon Weight

Three-stage Talon models produced from 2017 to present weigh between 38 and 55 lbs depending on the model.

  • 8' Talon weighs 38 lbs.
  • 10' Talon weighs 43 lbs.
  • 12' Talon weighs 47 lbs.
  • 15' Talon weighs 55 lbs.

Measuring the Maximum Deployment of the Talon

The maximum deployment of the Talon is measured from the bottom of the Talon shallow water anchor to the tip of the spike when fully deployed.

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