Identifying the Cables Coming from your Motor

Your trolling motor may have Built-In MEGA Imaging or Universal Sonar 2, and may include i-Pilot Link. These features require cables to be connected to a fishfinder. The cables, if present, exit the control head from the bottom. To identify the cables present, refer to the diagrams below that detail what the Built-In MEGA Imaging, Universal Sonar and i-Pilot Link cable connectors look like.


If one connection below the Control Head is present, the motor may be equipped with:

  1. i-Pilot and Universal Sonar,

  2. i-Pilot and Built-in MEGA Imaging,

  3. ONLY Universal Sonar, or

  4. ONLY Built-in MEGA Imaging.

NOTICE: The i-Pilot system does not have an external wired connection.

If two connections below the Control Head are present, the motor may be equipped with either:

  1. i-Pilot Link and Universal Sonar or

  2. i-Pilot Link and Built-in MEGA Down Imaging




To view fishfinder compatibility charts for these technologies, please click on the links below:


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