Tips for Installing the Bluetooth Talon (2018-present)

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Reversing the Angle on the Bracket when Mounting Talon

Some boat models have transoms that angle towards the inside of the boat. In these cases, the Talon quick release bracket can be inverted to account for this reversed angle without the hassle of shims.

Where and How to Mount the Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor

Determining where and how to mount the Talon will vary from one boat to the next. It is important to check for proper steering and trimming clearances when laying out your installation. See the Talon installation guide for detailed instructions or the Talon adapter bracket selection guide.

Adjusting the Talon Up or Down when Mounting the Talon on a Boat

Each boats sits differently in the water, and has varying amounts of draft (hull under the water line). While Minn Kota recommends that the Talon mounting bracket be mounted as high up on the transom as possible, Minn Kota also recommends that the bottom of the Talon be a minimum of 4" up from the bottom line of the hull of your boat. Having this adjustability will minimize any spray that may occur while underway, and offer the greatest amount of stability to the Talon.

Adjusting the Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor Extrusion Lower to the Water to Gain More Depth

You can adjust the extrusion lower to the water to gain more depth. However, the user must be aware that Minn Kota recommends a minimum of 4" up from the bottom of the hull line to minimize spray. Dragging the Talon through the water while underway could cause damage to the Talon and/or transom of your boat.

Electrical Plug for the Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor Lead Wires to Disconnect the Talon from Power

Minn Kota offers a Quick Release Disconnect Power Plug accessory specifically designed for the Minn Kota Talon.

Powering the Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor

Minn Kota recommends connecting your Talon shallow water anchor to the starting/cranking battery of your boat. You can also connect the Talon to a dedicated or accessory battery. We do no recommend connecting the Talon to the trolling motor battery(ies).

Which side of the boat to install the Talon on

Minn Kota recommends installing Talon on the port (left) side of your boat in order to give you the maximum amount of clearance between the boat engine and the control panel on Talon. However, Minn Kota's Talon can be installed on either side of the boat.


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