Troubleshoot Pairing Issue for Bluetooth Talons (2018-present)

If you are having issues with pairing your Bluetooth Talon Shallow Water Anchors, follow the steps below. You can also click on the button for the Bluetooth Talon Pairing Guide

  1. Try Again:
    If your device fails to pair properly try the pairing process again.
  2. Cycle Power
    Cycle the power to the Talons by turning off and on the master switch (if wired to one) or by pulling out the inline fuse and then reinserting it. After power is restored try the paring process again.
  3. Other Apps:
    Close any other apps that may be open and running in the background.
  4. Clear Paired Devices:
    Clear all paired devices from the Talon and remote and start the pairing process over. Click here to learn how to clear paired devices.

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