How to Index an Ultrex (DOES NOT INCLUDE ULTREX QUEST)(2016-present)

Note: These steps are only for the Ultrex with a brush motor. These steps DO NOT apply to the Ultrex Quest motors which are brushless motors. Click here for instructions indexing the Ultrex Quest with a brushless motor.

Once installed, the Ultrex needs to be properly indexed when the motor is deployed and the head of the motor and lower unit align with the centerline or keel of the boat at the same time the top of the Foot Pedal is parallel to the deck of the boat.

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Ultrex and Boat Anatomy


Indexing your Ultrex

  1. Turn the Power Switch "on" and steer the motor so that the Control Head is in line with the keel of the boat. This can be done by steering the motor with the Foot Pedal, turning the motor with the remote, or manually turning the head of the motor.
  2. Leave the Control Head in the desired alignment and turn the power to the Foot Pedal "off". Then disconnect the power by removing the power cables from the battery or turning "off" the breaker if equipped.
  3. Remove the Connector Cover from the Wrap Drum Cover using a 1/8” wide Flat Screwdriver to release it. Release it by pressing the flat part of the screwdriver in the slot closest to the center of the Connector Cover and prying upwards.
  4. Once the Connector Cover is removed, very carefully disconnect the Steering Motor Connection Plug that is visible.
  5. Remove the two screws that hold the Wrap Drum Cover in place with a #1 Phillips Screwdriver. Once removed, lift the Wrap Drum Cover away from the Steering Module.
  6. The Cable Tension Screw that holds tension on the Steering Cables is located under the base of the Toe End of the Foot Pedal. This screw can be loosened just enough so that the Steering Cables can be pinched together between the Cable Anchor and Wrap Drum. Use a #3 Phillips screwdriver to loosen this screw. Turning the screw approximately 8 turns counterclockwise should provide enough slack in the cables to adjust. Keep track of the number of turns the screw is unscrewed so it can be re-tightened accordingly later.
  7. Once the Cable Tension Screw is loosened, prying the Wrap Drum straight up off of the Cable Gear using a heavy flat-blade screwdriver, until the Wrap Drum is free of the Cable Gear.
  8. While holding the Wrap Drum just above the Cable Gear, and maintaining tension on the Steering Cables, carefully rotate the Wrap Drum right or left until the top of the Foot Pedal is parallel with the deck of the boat. The proper position of the Wrap Drum will locate the anchors for each of the Steering Cables equidistant from the mid-line of the Cable Anchor where it is secured to the Steering Module.
  9. Once the Foot Pedal is at the desired position, align the Wrap Drum with the nearest tooth on the splined shaft of the Cable Gear. Press the Wrap Drum securely down so that it is seated on top of the Cable Gear. At this point, the head of the motor should be parallel with the keel of the boat and the top of the foot pedal should be parallel with the deck of the boat.
  10. Using a #3 Phillips screwdriver, tighten the Cable Tension Screw located at the base of the Toe End of the Foot Pedal to 10 - 12 in-lbs until the Steering Cables are under tension or re-tighten the same number of turns as was used in step 6.
  11. Reconfirm that the Steering Cables are tight and then carefully thread the Steering Motor Connection Wire through the top of the Wrap Drum Cover. The male plug comes from the Cable Anchor through the opening at the bottom of the Wrap Drum Cover. The wire with the female plug that runs out the top of the Cable Gear should also be pulled through the opening at the bottom of the Wrap Drum Cover.

  12. Place the Wrap Drum Cover down on top of the Cable Anchor and align the screw holes on it with the screw holes on the Cable Anchor. Make sure the Wrap Drum Cover is nested securely on top of the Steering Module and that the wires pass out the top of the Wrap Drum Housing. Secure the Wrap Drum Housing in place with the two screws that were originally removed using a #1 Phillips screwdriver. Tighten to 6 in-lbs.
  13. Reconnect the Steering Motor Connection Plug and push it into the Wrap Drum Cover.
  14. Orientate the wires connecting the Steering Motor Connection Plug as noted so that the wires do not touch moving parts.
  15. Replace the Connector Cover and the Ultrex is now indexed.

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