Using Spot Lock Jog with Bluetooth i-Pilot Link (2017-2023)

What is Jog

Jog allows you to move your boat in 5 foot increments forwards, backwards, to the right, or to the left with a single button press from the current Spot-Lock location. Jog is only available on Bluetooth i-Pilot and Bluetooth i-Pilot Link with the Heading Sensor powered and paired. Jog is operated with the i-Pilot Link Remote or a connected Humminbird.

You can also learn about using Spot Lock and Go To Spot Lock by clicking the links below.

Using Jog with a Connected Humminbird

Step-by-step information on using Spot Lock on your connected Humminbird is available in the i-Pilot Link Manual. You can access the manuals with the links below.
i-Pilot Link for APEX and SOLIX Operations Guide
i-Pilot Link for HELIX Operations Guide

To engage Spot-Lock Jog, first engage Spot-Lock. Use the Speed Down (jog backward), Speed Up (jog forward), Steer Left (jog left) and Steer Right (jog right) buttons to jog the Spot-Lock location 5 feet in the selected direction from the current Spot-Lock location.

To Jog the Spot-Lock location with the Screen Navigation button, select the Spot-Lock Active Band to open the Spot-Lock Control Screen. Select the Back, Forward, Left, or Right buttons using your finger or by scrolling to one with the Screen Navigation button and pressing the Ok button.

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