Changing the Length of the Shaft on your Trolling Motor

Shortening the Composite Shaft

For most of our motors, you can shorten the shaft of your trolling motor if it is too long. We recommend having the shaft shortened at an Authorized Service Center. If your motor is under warranty and you shorten the shaft yourself, it will void your warranty. If the shaft is shortened at an Authorized Service Center, it will not void your Minn Kota warranty. If you purchased an extended warranty from your retailer or dealer, you will want to check with them to see if it voids the extended warranty.
If you decide to have your shaft shortened, you are responsible for any costs associated with shortening the shaft.

  • Ulterra, Ulterra Quest, and Riptide Instinct Quest
    The shafts for Ulterra, Ulterra Quest, and Riptide Instinct Quest motors are unable to be shortened. The shafts on these motors are not able to be shortened because of the Auto Stow/Deploy and Trim features. To shorten the shaft of Ulterra, Ulterra Quest, and Riptide Instinct Quest motors, you would have to replace several parts including the the shaft and the control board. It is not cost effective and you are limited in the shaft lengths available for the Ulterra.

Replacing the Composite Shaft with a Longer Shaft

While it would be cost-prohibitive to replace the shaft of any trolling motor with a longer shaft, in some cases the it is possible. Only models from the motor families listed below may be capable of having a longer shafts:

  • Endura
  • Endura Max
  • Traxxis
  • Riptide Transom
  • PowerDrive & Riptide PowerDrive
  • Terrova & Riptide Terrova
  • Edge
  • Maxxum

Any motor models outside these families would require significant software or parts updates, making it extremely costly to change shaft lengths. To maintain the warranty on your trolling motor the lengthening of the shaft must be performed by an Authorized Service Center.

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