Heading Sensor Light Patterns for Bluetooth i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link (2017-2023)

The Heading Sensor has an LED button light on the top. The light will either be red (older Heading Sensors have a red light) or it will be blue (newer version Heading Sensors have a blue light). The state of the light will tell you what is going on with the Heading Sensor. The Heading Sensor needs to be connected to 12 Volts and we recommend a 1 amp inline fuse. You can connect the Heading Sensor to a power switch and if the power is disconnected, the Heading Sensor will remember the pairing to the trolling motor, calibration and offset when powered back on.

  • No Light- the Heading Sensor is not receiving power.
  • Steady- the Heading Sensor has power but is not paired to the trolling motor.
  • Flashing twice per second- When the Heading Sensor is in Pairing Mode.
  • Flashing once every 3 seconds- When the Heading Sensor is powered and paired to the trolling motor
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