PowerDrive Basics

The PowerDrive is available with a foot pedal, with i-Pilot, or in the case of the Riptide models, is available with CoPilot. i-Pilot and CoPilot are available as upgrade kits with the links below. If you have i-Pilot on your PowerDrive, you will not be able to use the foot pedal. 

i-Pilot Motors

The PowerDrives with i-Pilot installed are not able to use a foot pedal along with the i-Pilot remote. There is an upgrade kit available to add i-Pilot to your PowerDrive (2017 or newer)  if you would like to add i-Pilot to your motor. The links for ordering the upgrade kit and the i-Pilot Manuals are listed below.


CoPilot gives you the ability to turn your prop on and off, increase or decrease your speed, and steer left or right. If you have CoPilot on your motor, you can use both the CoPilot remote and the foot pedal to control your motor. Click the link below if your motor came with a foot pedal and you would like to purchase the CoPilot.

Installation Considerations

When installing the PowerDrive, we recommend following the instructions in the PowerDrive Installation Guide. We also recommend a  60 amp circuit breaker if your PowerDrive has 50lbs of thrust or more. If it is below 50 lbs of thrust you will need a 50 amp circuit breaker. You may also want to consider using a Trolling Motor Plug as it will allow you to easily disconnect your motor from power when not in use or when charging the trolling motor batteries. 


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