Bluetooth i-Pilot Link Upgrade Kit Installation (2017-2023)

i-Pilot is available as an upgrade kit. Some Terrova and Ultrex models do not come with i-Pilot Link installed. If you would like to add i-Pilot Link to your motor, you can use the steps below.

Upgrade Kits


NOTE: These instructions cover accessory installation only. Click this link to download the complete owner’s manual.

Tools and Resources Required:

  • Bluetooth i-Pilot Link Upgrade kit
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 10-15 Minutes


  1. Use the #2 Phillips Screwdriver to remove the 4 screws that secure the control box cover and remove the control box cover.
  2. If AutoPilot or i-Pilot was installed disconnect the Accessory Plug and set the AutoPilot Board or i-Pilot Controller Aside. The i-Pilot Controller or AutoPilot Board will not be reused.
  3. Remove the Insert Plug. Push forcefully on the edge closest to the coil cord, the plug will “pop” out.
  4. Route the Ethernet cable that is attached to the i-Pilot Link Controller down through the opening that the Insert Plug was removed from.
  5. Continue feeding the Ethernet cable down the interior of the coil cord.
  6. Install the Insert plug that was included with this kit. Position the Tab that is opposite the opening in the Insert Plug in the Slot closest to the the Motor Shaft, guide the US2 Cable, if installed, and the Ethernet cable into the opening in the Insert Plug then push up on the Insert Plug until the other two tabs snap into place.
  7. Connect the Accessory Plug from the i-Pilot Link Controller to the Network Accessory Plug.
  8. Place the i-Pilot Link Controller on the control box, use the #2 Phillips Screwdriver to install the four screws that secure the Controller/Control Box Cover.

NOTE: Complete the installation by routing the Ethernet cable as described in your motor’s Owner’s Manual and connecting the Ethernet cable to your Humminbird Helix or Solix. Use of the included 30’ Ethernet Extension Cable is optional. If connecting to a Helix Unit use of an AS EC QDE adapter will be required, the included cables can be connected directly to Solix Units or to the Humminbird 5 Port Ethernet Switch.


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