Updating Bluetooth i-Pilot Software via the i-Pilot Mobile App (2017-2023)

i-Pilot can be updated via the i-Pilot mobile app.

For updating your i-Pilot software via mobile app please follow the instructions below. If your motor is already connected to your phone, you can skip steps 1-4.
Note: Mobile app only works with Bluetooth i-Pilot systems.

  1. On the device you intend to pair with the i-Pilot controller, turn Bluetooth "on".
  2. Locate the Pair button on the top of your Control Head. The Control Head contains the i-Pilot controller. Press and hold the Pair button. The Control Head will emit a continuous tone.
  3. While the Pair button is being held down, scan for the motor on your device. On the device, select the motor from the list of detected devices. Once the device is paired with the motor, the Control Head will emit 3 longer beeps. Once you hear the beeps, the motor was successfully paired and you can stop pressing the Pair button.
  4. Once the device is paired with the motor, and they are connected, the buttons on the Home screen will be blue.
  5. Open the i-Pilot app on the device. Check to see if the App Update Indicator icon in the upper right hand corner is present. If no icon is present, the device app is up-to-date.
  6. If the App Update Indicator icon is present, you need to update the app on the device. mceclip2.png
  7. In the upper left hand corner of the Home screen, press the Menu icon to bring up the Menu.mceclip3.png
  8. When the Menu screen displays, select the i-Pilot Software Update option.
  9. If the software is up-to-date, the screen will read "Software Up To Date". If the software needs to be updated, there will be information on the screen stating "New Software Available!"
  10. Select "New Software Available!" and information about the current and new versions will display along with a button that reads, "Press to begin Update."
  11. Follow the on-screen prompt to successfully complete the update.
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