Using Spot Lock Jog with Bluetooth i-Pilot (2017-2023)


What is Jog

Jog allows you to move your boat in 5 foot increments forwards, backwards, to the right, or to the left with a single button press from the current Spot-Lock location. Jog is only available on Bluetooth i-Pilot and Bluetooth i-Pilot Link with the Heading Sensor powered and paired. Jog is operated with the i-Pilot Remote.

You can also learn about Spot Lock and Go To Spot Lock by clicking the links below.

Using Jog with the i-Pilot Remote

To engage Spot-Lock Jog, first engage Spot-Lock. The Spot-Lock Jog icon will look like the Spot Lock icon, but will also have directional indicators. Use the Speed Down, Speed Up, Steer Left, Steer Right buttons to move the boat 5 feet in the desired direction from the original Spot-Lock.

The boat will be moved backwards for Speed Down, forward for Speed Up, left for Steer Left , and right for Steer Right, when the corresponding button is pressed in relation to the direction of the boat. Once the boat has jogged to the new location, the new location will be saved into a temporary Spot-Lock Memory and the boat will relate additional jogging with the temporary Spot-Lock location.

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