Using High Speed Bypass with Bluetooth i-Pilot (2017-2023)

The Motor Speed with High Speed Bypass is set to 10 when engaged and returns to the previously set speed when disengaged.


Engaging High Speed Bypass

When engaging High Speed Bypass, quickly double press the High Speed Bypass button twice to engage. The remote will not recognize the press as a double press if the time between presses is too delayed. Once engaged, the Prop Speed will automatically display 10.

NOTICE: If the Prop is not turning, be sure to press the Prop Button to enable it. The Prop Auto On setting does not affect High Speed Bypass. If High Speed Bypass is engaged and the prop is flashing, it needs to be turned "on" in order for High Speed Bypass to work.

Disengaging High Speed Bypass

When High Speed Bypass is engaged, press the High Speed Bypass button on the remote to disengage High Speed Bypass.
NOTICE: Manually adjusting the speed below speed 10 will also disengage High Speed Bypass.

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