i-Pilot Link Cruise Control

During regular operation of the i-Pilot Link navigational system, the user can control prop speed. The controller will communicate the speed over ground to the remote and the remote will display it. The speed over ground is the speed that the boat is traveling and will vary based on environmental factors such as wind and current, even if the prop speed remains the same. Cruise Control helps to compensate for the variations in external forces that effect the speed over ground and keeps the boat traveling at an even speed . When Cruise Control is engaged, the current speed over ground becomes the Target Speed. Cruise Control works to control the prop speed to match the Speed Over Ground to the Target Speed.

Engaging Cruise Control

  1. Press the Homemceclip2.png button.
  2. Scroll through the Content Area using your finger or the Screen Navigationmceclip3.png button to find the Cruise Controlmceclip5.png button. Select the Cruise Control button using your finger or by pressing the Ok button.
  3. Select the Cruise Control mceclip5.pngbutton using your finger or by pressing the OkIPL-Ok.png button.
  4. Once Cruise Control is engaged, a temporary message about canceling Cruise Control will appear on the Dashboard. Once it disappears, the Cruise Control target speed will appear in blue on the bottom right hand corner of the Dashboard.
  5. The target speed can be increased and decreased using the Speed Up IPL-Speed_Up.pngand Speed Down IPL-Speed_Down.png buttons and the Prop speed will adjust accordingly based on the current conditions.

Disengaging Cruise Control

  1. When Cruise Control is engaged, scroll through the Content Area using your finger or the Screen Navigation mceclip3.pngbutton to find the Cruise Control mceclip5.png button.
  2. Select the Cruise Control mceclip5.png button using your finger or by pressing the Ok IPL-Ok.png button.
  3. The Cruise Control Target Speed will disappear from the Dashboard.
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