LED Lights on Alternator Chargers (2008-present)

The LED lights for the Alternator Charger indicate the state of the Alternator Charger. Click here for the owner's manual and additional information.


Normal LED Indicator Meanings

  • GREEN power LED: the ignitions is on.
  • RED power LED: the input cord to the starting battery is connected in reverse polarity.
  • YELLOW LED: The trolling motor battery(s) is(are) charging.
  • RED on the output: The battery is connected in reverse polarity.

Error Conditions

  • A RED power light is lit to indicate the input cord to the starting battery is connected reverse polarity.
  • A RED light for each output is lit if any battery(s) is(are) connected reverse polarity.
  • No YELLOW LED indicates the trolling motor battery(s) is(are) not charging. The starting battery needs to be at 13.6V for the Alternator Charger to start charging the trolling motor battery(s).
  • No GREEN power LED indicates the ignition is not on, the ignition wire is not connected, or the ignition wire is not connected correctly.

Power Needs

For full output from the DC Alternator Charger, the minimum output from the engine alternator must include the following amperage from the alternator of the outboard motor.

  • MK-1-DC: 12 amp minimum
  • MK-2-DC: 25 amp minimum
  • MK-3-DC: 35 amp minimum


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