Selecting Lithium Batteries for Trolling Motors

Lithium batteries are the newest technology when it comes to trolling motor batteries. Lithium batteries are able to be used with Minn Kota products. There are a few considerations listed below to look at when deciding on Lithium batteries.

Lithium Features

Lithium batteries provide continuous power to the motor and do not experience the power drop traditional deep-cycle batteries experience as the battery drains. This provides a consistent experience when using the trolling motor and increasing runtime. Lithium batteries are also weigh significantly less and have a longer lifespan


Lithium batteries are more expensive than other batteries and may also require a specific charger adding to the cost of the battery.

Power Output

Lithium Batteries maintain higher voltages for longer. Motors engineered to make the most of flooded lead acid batteries can be damaged by the higher power output. To prevent this damage when using Lithium batteries you should not run your motor at its highest speeds, staying at 85%/Speed 8.5 or lower.

Continuous Discharge Amperage

When using lithium batteries, you want to ensure the battery(s) provide(s) enough continuous discharge amperage to run the motor at its max amp draw. The chart below shows the max amp draw by motor thrust. When the Amp Draw of the motor exceeds the battery rating the battery’s management system will restrict power to the motor which may cause the motor to shut off or perform erratically including working for a short time and then shutting off, being able to turn on the motor but not turn on the prop, steering issues, issues with i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link such as Spot Lock not working or being erratic. If you are having any issues with your motor and you are using Lithium batteries, verify you have enough continuous amperage available for the motor to pull its max amp draw.


When charging Lithium batteries, you may not be able to use the charger you currently have. The battery manufacturer will be able to provide the details for charging the battery(s). You will want to make sure the charger provides enough amps per bank, is able to accommodate a battery management system if included as part of your lithium battery, has or does not have multi-stage charging (based on your batteries needs).

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