Using Go To Spot Lock with Bluetooth i-Pilot (2017-2023)


What is Go To Choose any Spot-Lock or iTrack that you want to return to, and Go To will activate your motor to take you back there automatically.

Due to safety reasons, i-Pilot will not re-engage a saved Spot-Lock location greater than a quarter mile away.

You can also learn about Spot Lock and Spot Lock Jog by clicking the links below.

Using Go To with i-Pilot

  1. Manually navigate the boat to within a quarter mile of the saved Spot-Lock location.
  2. Press the GO TO button on the remote.
  3. The Spot-Locks menu will appear on the display screen. Use the Menu Up and Menu Down buttons to scroll to a saved Spot-Lock location in the menu.
  4. Press the Ok button to select a saved Spot-Lock location.
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