Using Go To Spot Lock with Bluetooth i-Pilot Link (2017-2023)

Choose any Spot-Lock or iTrack that you want to return to, and Go To will activate your motor to take you back there automatically.

You can also learn about Spot Lock and Spot Lock Jog by clicking the links below.

Using a Connected Humminbird

Step-by-step information on using Spot Lock on your connected Humminbird is available in the i-Pilot Link Manual. You can access the manuals with the links below.
i-Pilot Link for APEX and SOLIX Operations Guide
i-Pilot Link for HELIX Operations Guide

Due to safety reasons, i-Pilot will not re-engage a saved Spot-Lock location greater than a quarter mile away.

Go To a Saved Spot-Lock

  1. Manually navigate the boat to within a quarter mile of the saved Spot-Lock location.
  2. Press the Home button.
  3. Scroll through the Home Screen Buttons in the Content Area using either your finger or the Screen Navigation button to find the Go To Spot-Lock button.
  4. Select the Go To Spot-Lock button by pressing it with your finger or pressing the OK button.
  5. A list of Spot-Locks that are within a quarter mile will appear. Scroll through the list of Spot-Locks to find a Spot-Lock to navigate to and select it.
  6. The Spot-Lock Active Band will appear in the Content Area. The appearance of the Active Band will vary depending on the distance between the current location and the selected Spot-Lock.
  7. The Spot-Lock Active band will look similar to the appearance in the image below on left if the distance to the Spot-Lock is greater than 100 feet. If the distance is less than 100 feet, the image for the Spot-Lock Active Band will change in appearance and look similar to the image below on the right.

Disengage Go To Spot-Lock

  1. While Go To Spot-Lock is engaged, scroll through the Content Area to find the Go To Spot-Lock Active Band.
  2. Select the Go To Spot-Lock Active Band using either your finger or by pressing the Ok to open it.
  3. Select the Cancel button. The Go To Spot-Lock Active Band will disappear from the Content Area.
  4. Pressing the Prop button, or manually controlling the speed or steering with the Remote or Foot Pedal will also disengage Go To Spot-Lock.
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