Pairing your Legacy i-Pilot Link Remotes (2007-2016)

If you are pairing a new remote, you will want to ensure your remote and i-Pilot Link Controller are both Legacy i-Pilot Link. The Legacy i-Pilot Link Controller will have a "Learn" button. If your controller has a "Pair" button instead, you will want to follow the instructions for pairing a Bluetooth i-Pilot Link Remote. 


The remote will also need to be a Legacy i-Pilot Link Remote. The If your remote looks differently from the image below, you will want click on the remote images at the bottom of the page for the correct instructions for pairing your remote.


Pair your Remote

  1. Power on your motor
    • Ulterra and Riptide Ulterra- Press the power button on the base of the motor.
    • Terrova and Riptide Terrova- Deploy the motor.
    • PowerDrive and Riptide PowerDrive- Deploy the motor.
  2. On the motor, press and hold the "Learn" button. A consistent tone will be emitted from the Control Head.
  3. While holding the learn button on the controller, from the remote home screen select: Controls > Learn and press the OK key
  4. If the learn process was successful, the controller will respond with four beeps. In addition, the Dashboard section of the remote will begin to display motor status information such as prop speed.

Manual and Quick Reference Guide

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