Pair Legacy Talons to a Legacy Talon Foot Switch (2011-2017)

Older Talons can be paired to a 2 button remote, 4 button remote or the Legacy Talon Foot Switch. The older Talons are not compatible with Bluetooth Talons or their accessories such as the Bluetooth Talon Remotes, Bluetooth Talon Foot Switch, or the Stomp Switches. This article will walk you through pairing 1 or 2 older Talons to the older Foot Switch. Click the links at the bottom of the page if you have Bluetooth Talons or want to pair your older Talon to a 2-button or 4-button remote.


Before Learning a Talon Foot Switch to a Talon

The Mode button acts like a toggle switch to operate either the left, right, or both Talons simultaneously. The LED’s will illuminate to indicate which mode is active. If you are operating only 1 Talon, you will need to learn the switch to the Talon (left or right) that you wish to operate. If you are running 2 Talons, you will need to learn the switch 3 separate times. 1. Left 2. Right and 3. Both

Process to Learn a Talon Foot Switch to a Talon

  1. Stow the anchors by pressing the Auto Up buttons on the Talons to be controlled.
  2. Press the Mode button on the foot switch, and note that either the Left, Right, or both LED’s will illuminate. This is the Talon that is now ready to learn.
  3. Press and continue to Hold the Auto Up button on the Talon, and then press either the Up or Down button on the footswitch one time.
  4. A series of 3 beeps will be heard, indicating the footswitch has been programmed to that Talon.
  5. Release the Auto Up button on the Talon after the 3 beeps begin.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to program the other Talon to the other Up button.
  7. When learning the switch to both Talons, you must be in both mode and then repeat steps 3-5 once to each Talon

Manuals and Instruction Sheets

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