Pair your Bluetooth Talons and Program the Mounting Location (2018-present)

Bluetooth Talons need to be paired together to be controlled by the same remote/foot switch/phone app/ or Stomp Switches. They are not able to pair with an older Talon (2017 and older). Click the links at the bottom of the page for information on pairing an older Talon or pairing your Bluetooth Talon(s) to a Talon Remote, Foot Switch, Stomp Switches, i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link, or the Talon Phone App (available for both Android and iOS).

Every Talon comes direct from the factory with a remote already paired to the Talon. However, any Talon can be paired with up to 3 devices per Talon. When a boat has two Bluetooth enabled Talons installed, it is necessary to pair both Talons together, and to program which side of the boat each Talon is installed on. The process below is used to pair the Talons together, and to designate which side of the boat the each Talon is installed on. When the process is complete, all remotes that were paired to an individual Talon will now operate both Talons. If not, please see the "Pairing a remote to two Talons" section of this manual. Adding more than 3 devices per Talon may affect communication within the Bluetooth network.

Pairing your Talons and Program the Mounting Location

  1. Retract the anchor on both Talons by pressing the Up button on each Talon.
  2. Once both Talons are fully retracted, press and hold the Up button and the Down button on the Indicator Panel of one Talon. Once the Depth Indication LEDs on the Indicator Panel begins to flash blue, release the buttons. Immediately follow this step on the second Talon.
  3. Once the buttons are released, the Talons are in Pairing Mode and will search for each other for 20 seconds. If they do not Pair after 20 seconds, an error tone will sound signaling that the Pairing has timed out. If this occurs, double check that the Talons are fully retracted and start the process again.
  4. If the Talons successfully Pair, a confirmation tone with three fast beeps will occur. At this point, the Talons have successfully paired, and now need to be programmed to designate the Port or Starboard locations.
  5. The Mode Indicator LED will turn green on both Talons. On the Indicator Panel of the Starboard Talon, press the Up button. The Talon will accept the selection. The Talon on the Port side will flash red and then the LEDs on both Talons will turn off. Now the Talons are successfully Paired together and know their mounted position.


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