Bluetooth Talon Retraction Notification Alarm (2018-present)

The Talon is equipped with a Retraction Notification Alarm to protect the lift motor. If the lift capacity of the motor is exceeded or the motor takes more that 10 seconds to retract, the motor will stop and emit a series of three sets of three beeps. This is different from the Deployment Notification Alarm, which will emit a tone each time the ignition key is turned "on" and the anchor is not retracted. The Retraction Notification Alarm sounds when the Talon fails to retract.

The most common reasons for the Retraction Notification Alarm sounding are:

  1. Because of an extremely soft or muddy bottom and the Spike is deeply buried and cannot retract on its own.
  2. There may be an excessive amount of side load on the Spike, generally due to fast moving water currents or wind.
  3. Battery Power is low. This may create a retraction time that is greater than 10 seconds.
  4. Obstructions on the anchor prevent it from retracting.

Alarm is Emitted

If the Retraction Notification alarm is emitted, the following steps should be taken to retract the anchor.

  1. Press the Up button on the Indicator Panel or the Up button on the Remote. If the Spike does not raise within two attempts:
  2. Loosen the Spike from the bottom by carefully driving the boat back and forth using the main engine power. Then attempt to raise the anchor again. This is especially useful if you are fishing in a soft or muddy bottom structure.
  3. Remove any excessive side loads on the anchor as described above. This generally requires re-backing against the current or the direction of the load and then attempting to retract the anchor again with the side load removed. In the event that the Spike cannot be retracted normally, please refer to the "Manually Retract the Talon" section of the manual linked at the bottom of the page.




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