Bluetooth Talon Wave Absorption, Auto-Drive, and Rough Water Mode (2018-present)


In select Modes, Auto-Drive will automatically power the Spike into the bottom with three successive hits, using increasing force on each hit. Talon actually drives the anchor in for you to ensure the anchor is seated. Talon’s Auto-Drive stops driving the Spike when the Spike contacts the bottom. Click here for additional information on using Auto-Drive and the different modes for the Talon.

Wave Absorption

With wave absorption, Talon enables your boat to move up or down without affecting the deployed anchor. It uses a built-in floating suspension to keep your boat anchored to the bottom, even in rough water conditions.

What is the difference between Wave Absorption vs. Rough Water Mode?

Wave Absorption is a built-in floating suspension on Talon shallow water anchor that allows your boat to move up and down in moderate waves and chop without affecting anchoring.

Rough Water Mode is a software feature that you can turn on and off as needed. When Rough Water Mode is turned on, the anchoring sequence (Auto-Drive) will repeat itself three times with ten-second delays between each sequence, and then stop until the user re-initiates the sequence by pressing down on the control panel or the remote. Rough Water Mode will remain on until 1) the user manually turns it off at the control panel, or 2) one hour of inactivity passes.


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