Bluetooth Talon Work Light (2018-present)

The Bluetooth Talon has a work light that can change intensity and color. The LED's can toggle between three intensities; high, medium and low. The LED's can also toggle between two colors; white or blue.


Toggle the Work Light "on" and "off" with the Indicator Panel

  1. To Toggle the Work Light "on", press the Light button on the Indicator Panel. To toggle the Work Light "off" wait 5 seconds and press the Light button again.

Toggle the Work Light Color and Intensity on the Indicator Panel

The Work Light on the Talon has a high - medium - low intensity setting of white LEDs and blue LEDs. When the Work Light is turned on, the LEDs will be either white or blue, and then an intensity setting can be selected.

  1. When the Work Light is "off", press the Light button once on the Indicator Panel to turn the
    light "on". The light will turn on with the last light intensity and color selection that was used.
  2. If the Light button is pressed again in less than 5 seconds, the lights will move to the next intensity and/or color. Continue to press the Light button until the desired light is selected. If more than 5 seconds passes between any button press, the current color and setting will be "saved" to memory, and the Work Light will turn "off" instead of toggling to the next selection.

Change the Intensity of the LEDs in the Indicator Panel

The Indicator Panel LEDs, by default, are at the brightest setting. It is possible to change the intensity of the LEDs to meet personal preference or adjust them to fit the ambient lighting conditions. The LED's can toggle between three intensities; high, medium and low

  1. Press and hold the Light button for 2 seconds. 
  2. Continuing to hold the Light button will cause the Indicator Panel LEDs to begin toggling through 3 different intensities of high, medium, and low. Release the Light button once you have achieved the desired intensity.


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