Clear Pairing from Bluetooth Talons, Bluetooth Talon Remotes, and Mobile Devices (2018-current)

The Talon was designed so that all paired devices can be cleared from memory.

Click the button below for the Talon Pairing Issues and Pairing Guide if you are having issues with pairing your Talon(s).

Clearing Paired Remotes or Devices from the Talon

  1. Retract the anchor on the Talon by pressing the Up BTTalon-AutoUp.png button.BT_Talon_Control_Panel-Deploy_Retract_Control_Panel.png
  2. Turn the power to the Talon "off". You can turn off the power to the Talon by pulling the fuse.Talon_Notification_alarm.png
  3. While holding in the Up BTTalon-AutoUp.png button on the Indicator Panel, restore power to the Talon. You will hear a long steady tone.
  4. After the steady tone stops, release the UpBTTalon-AutoUp.png button. A series of fast beeps will be heard.
  5. The Talon memory is now clear of all previously paired devices.

Clearing Paired Talons from the Remote


Press and hold the Up button and the Down button on the Remote at the same time until the Talon Selection LEDs on the Remote begin to scroll, release the buttons. The Remote will go into Pairing Mode for 30 seconds. Once Pairing times out all Talons will be cleared.

Clearing Paired Talons from Android


Clearing Paired Talons from iOS


Pairing Instructions for your Remote or Controller


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