Pairing the Bluetooth Talon to your Phone (Android and iOS)

The Talon app can be used to control the Talon using a device that is paired to the Talon with a Bluetooth connection. Before pairing the device with the Talon, the Talon app should first be successfully downloaded. You can confirm that the app was successfully downloaded by opening it on your device.  Once confirmed, close the app to begin the pairing process.

Pairing a Device with a Single Talon

  1. On the device you intend to pair with the Talon, turn Bluetooth “on”, and keep your device on that screen.
  2. Retract the anchor on the Talon by pressing the UpBTTalon-AutoUp.png button on the Indicator Panel.
  3. Once the Talon is fully retracted, press and hold the UpBTTalon-AutoUp.png button and the DownBTTalon-AutoDown.png button simultaneously on the Indicator Panel. The Depth Indication LEDs will begin to flash blue. Once the LEDs are flashing, release the buttons on the Indicator Panel. The Talon will go into Pairing Mode for 30 seconds.
  4. If on an Android device select the Scan button to begin the process on your device. On an iOS device, as soon as the Bluetooth menu is opened, the scan starts automatically. The Talon will appear on the list of available devices once it is recognized by the device.
  5. Select the Talon from the list of available devices. This will pair the Talon to the device. Once you hear the beeps, the Talon is successfully paired.
  6. In order for the device and your Talon to stay connected, Bluetooth needs to remain "on". Once the device is paired with the Talon, the device will connect and begin communicating with each other. When the Talon is paired to the device and communicating with it, the Talon app will automatically recognize that the Talon is paired.
  7. If the pair is unsuccessful, repeat the process.

Pairing a Device with Two Talons

In order for the Talon App to pair two Talon's to the device, the Talons first need to be paired together. Click here to Pair your Bluetooth Talons and Program the Mounting Location. Once the Talons are paired together, follow the directions for "Pairing a Device with a Single Talon". Only one Talon needs to be paired with the device where the Talon app is installed.


To Pair Other Controllers and Remotes

Click on the remote or controller below for pairing instructions

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