Potentiometer Replacement for Variable Speed Hand-Controlled motors (Riptide Fortrex, Riptide Maxxum, Riptide Edge, Traxxis, Endura Max)

This potentiometer/connector kit is intended for use on circuit boards that have three (3) individual wires connecting the potentiometer to the control board.

Included in this Kit:

Potentiometer Kit.png

  • 1 – p/n 2068411 Replacement Potentiometer
  • 3 – p/n 2040340 Sealant Filled Wire Connectors
  • 1 – p/n 2004983 Installation Instructions

To Install this Kit

  • Cut the three (3) wires connected to the faulty/damaged potentiometer and clip the pin terminals from the ends of the wires attached to the replacement potentiometer.

Potentiometer Kit 1-2.png

  • Insert the matching colored wires into the connectors and pinch them closed with pliers.

Potentiometer Kit 3-4.png

  • Complete the repair by installing the new potentiometer in the control box and re-install the cover and screws.

Note: Motor operators/owners who fail to place the Tilt Twist Tiller handle in the “OFF/STOW” detent prior to placing the handle in the full down, stowed position; will break the “D” shaft on the potentiometer. Damage as a result of doing this is NOT covered by warranty and should not be submitted for reimbursement on a warranty claim form.

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