Ultrex Pull Rope Replacement with Cable & Handle MKA-49 (2016-present)

The following instructions will show how to replace the rope on an Ultrex. The instructions below use the replacement cable instead of the replacement rope. Click here if you would like to purchase the MKA-49

  • Tools Needed
  • Disconnect the Gas Spring
  • Remove Motor from Mount
  • Cable and Handle Installation
  • Reassemble the Bowguard/Steering Module
  • Resources

Tools Needed

  • (2) #3 Phillips screwdrivers
  • 1/4” Allen Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • MKA-49 Cable and Handle (item number 1854125) Cable_and_Handle.png
  • Clevis Clevis__Item__8_.png
  • Clevis Pin Clevis_Pin_and_Retaining_Ring__Item__10_.png

Disconnect the Gas Spring


  1. In order to remove the Bowguard/Steering Module, the Gas Spring needs to be disconnected. Place the motor in the stowed position.
  2. To disconnect the Gas Spring, locate the Upper Cylinder Pin. Two Phillips Screws hold the Upper Cylinder for the Gas Spring in place. Using two #3 Phillips screwdrivers, hold the screw at one end of the Upper Cylinder Pin in place.
  3. Remove the screw at the opposite end of the pin with the other #3 Phillips screwdriver.
  4. Once the screws are removed, the pin and spacers can be removed from the Upper Cylinder.
  5. Now it is safe to remove the motor from the bow mount when the motor is in the deployed position.

Remove Motor from Mount

  1. With the gas spring disconnected, place the motor in the deployed position.
  2. Remove the 5/16" Allen Screw with a 1/4" Allen Wrench. The 5/16" Allen Screw is located on the opposite end of the mount from the hinge that opens and closes when the mount is stowed and deployed.
  3. Once the Allen Screw and Lock Washer are removed, lift the Bowguard/Steering Module straight up until it is free from the mount.

Cable and Handle Installation

  1. Once the Bowguard/Steering Module is removed note how the rope is routed through the mount, Rope Guide, around the Pin, and into Latch/Strap Rope Pull Bracket. The new cable will be routed in the same manner.
  2. Remove the current rope.
  3. Taking the new Cable and Handle, feed the new Cable End Stop down through the top Rope Guide hole, around the Lower Pin, and feed the Cable through the Latch/Strap Rope Pull Bracket. Pull the Cable through and out one of the cutout windows in the aluminum arm. This will allow room to attach the Clevis.
  4. Attach the Clevis onto the Cable by sliding the clevis slot over the cable and sliding the Cable End Stop into the Clevis. Install the Clevis Pin and Retaining Ring. The Clevis Pin must be installed to prevent the Cable from coming out of the Clevis.
  5. Pull on the Cable Handle until the Clevis slides into the opening between the Latch Bar and Latch/Strap Rope Pull Bracket.

Reassemble the Bowguard/Steering Module

  1. To reassemble the Bowguard/Steering Module, start with the mount in the deployed position.
  2. Align the Keyways on the inside of the Bowguard/Steering Module with the End Links on the mount. Do this by positioning the Bowguard/Steering Module above the End Links on the mount.
  3. Lower the Bowguard/Steering Module straight down until seated.
  4. Reinstall the 5/16" Allen Screw and Lock Washer and tighten to 18 to 20 ft-lbs with a Torque Wrench.
  5. Position the motor to the stowed position using the pull grip and rope to disengage the latch bar, allowing the motor to fold into a flat position.
  6. Once in the stowed or flat position, the gas spring and spacers can be installed.
  7. Locate the upper gas spring pin and spacers.
  8. Align the end of the Gas Spring with the holes in the outer arm of the base.
  9. Align the Pin with one spacer on each side of the Cylinder for the Gas Spring, so that it passes through one side of the outer arm, a spacer, the Cylinder of the Gas Spring, then an additional spacer and finally through the outer arm at the other side of the base.
  10. The Pin should be secured on each end with a screw. Hold one screw in place with a #3 Phillips screwdriver and secure the other screw with an additional #3 Phillips screwdriver.
  11. Tighten screws until the heads are flush with the outer arm.
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