Maxxum and Riptide Maxxum Pull Rope Replacement with Cable & Handle MKA-49

The following instructions will show how to replace the rope on a Maxxum or Riptide Maxxum trolling motor. The instructions below use the replacement cable instead of the replacement rope. Click here if you would like to purchase the MKA-49

Tools Needed

  • MKA-49 Cable and Handle (item number 1854125)Cable_and_Handle.png
  • Clevis Clevis__Item__8_.png
  • Clevis Pin Clevis_Pin_and_Retaining_Ring__Item__10_.png


  1. Note how the rope is routed through the Rope Guide, around the Pins, and into the Eye Shaft. The new cable will be routed in the same manner.
  2. Remove the current rope.
  3. Taking the new Cable and Handle and feed the Cable End Stop down through Rope Guide Eyelet, and around the Lower Arm Pin.Maxxum_Pull_Rope_Installation_1.png
  4. Attach the Clevis onto the Cable by sliding the clevis slot over the Cable and sliding the Cable End Stop into the Clevis.Maxxum_Pull_Rope_Installation_2.png
  5. Attach the Clevis to the Eye shaft using the Clevis Pin and Retaining Ring.
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