Edge and Riptide Edge Pull Rope Replacement with Rope & Handle MKA-45

The following instructions will show how to replace the rope on Maxxum or Riptide Maxxum trolling motors and Maxxum Pro trolling motors, using the MKA-45 Rope and Handle. Click here if you would like to purchase the MKA-45

Tools Needed

  • a side‐cutter
  • a flat blade screwdriver or pry bar if the rope is broken

Rope Replacement

Note: Removing the motor from the mount will make this procedure easier and safer; please refer to the instructions in your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this.

  1. In order to access the rope installation points the mount will need to be between the stowed and
    deployed position. If the mount is in the deployed position, and the pull rope is broken, you can release the rear latch pin by pushing it forward with a flat blade screwdriver or pry bar.
  2. If the mount is in the stowed position, and the mount is broken, the latch pin can be released by
    pushing/moving the upper latch pin.
  3. Remove all remnants of the old rope. Looking into the access window you can see the point where the rope is tied onto the latch bracket, use a side‐cutter to cut the rope between the knot and the latch bracket.
  4. Position the rope guide so it is on the side of the bolt closest to the hinge door.
  5. Run the replacement rope through the opening of the rope guide.
  6. Continue feeding the rope down, routing the rope between the hinge door and the lower hinge door pin.
  7. Note, the rope uses this pin as a pivot point, if not routed correctly the rope will not operate the latch as intended.
  8. Guide the rope into the lower arm, directing it to the access window in the lower arm. Use a needle nose pliers to feed the tip of the rope through the opening in the latch bracket.
  9. Pull out a loop of rope, use the end of the rope to tie a figure 8 knot around the loop.
  10. Pull tight to complete rope installation.

Handle Installation

  1. Run the rope through the hole in the handle going from the smooth/rounded side toward the back side.
  2. Place the eye washer on the rope.
  3. Tie a figure 8 knot
  4. Pull tight to complete the installation.
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