Maxxum and Riptide Maxxum Pull Rope Replacement with Rope & Handle MKA-45

The following instructions will show how to replace the rope on Maxxum or Riptide Maxxum trolling motors and Maxxum Pro trolling motors, using the MKA-45 Rope and Handle. Click here if you would like to purchase the MKA-45.

Tools Needed

  • a side‐cutter
  • a flat blade screwdriver or pry bar if the rope is broken

Rope Replacement

  1. To replace the rope on a Maxxum motor the mount needs to be either deployed or partially deployed. When replacing the rope on a Maxxum Pro motor the mount needs to be partially deployed.
    • A Maxxum or Maxxum Pro locked in the stow position can be released by moving the upper latch pin toward the bowguard. Note: the lower latch pin will move with the upper pin to release the latch.
    • To stow a motor that is fully deployed you will also need to release the latch system, the front edge of the latch system is visible at the front of the lower arm, moving it will require a flat blade screwdriver or pry bar.
  2. Remove all remnants of the rope that is being replaced, this may require using a side cutter to cut the rope.
  3. Run the tip of the replacement rope down throught the rope guide in the bowguard assembly.
  4. Guide the rope so it runs between the lower pin and the bowguard assembly.
  5. On Maxxum motors tie the rope onto the metal loop that is the end of the latch mechanism using a figure 8 knot.
  6. On Maxxum Pro motors run the tip of the rope through the hole in the middle of the pin holder.
  7. Place the eye washer on the rope, and tie an overhand knot.
    Note: If the motor is either fully stowed or full deployed most of the pin holder will not be visible and it will not be possible to complete this operation.

Handle Installation

  1. Run the rope through the hole in the handle going from the smooth/rounded side toward the back side.
  2. Place the eye washer on the rope.
  3. Tie a figure 8 knot
  4. Pull tight to complete the installation.
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