Propeller will not turn on/off with the Momentary Button

If the propeller on your cable steer motor is not turning on when the momentary is pressed, you can adjust the reed switch. The reed switch is a small black plastic cylinder with two wires attached and should sit 1/32" below the rim of the clip it sits in.

Propeller will not turn on with the Momentary Button

  1. Push the heel of the pedal all the way down.
  2. Remove the button from the pedal.
  3. Identify the reed switch inside the reed sensor clip.
  4. From underneath locate the 2 wires that go to the reed switch.
  5. Gently push the switch up into the the opening.
  6. Using something flat like a Papermate or Bic pen push the switch back down until it is approx 1/32" below the rim of the clip.
  7. Replace the momentary button.
  8. Test to see if the propeller turns on when the foot pedal is in Momentary. If the propeller still does not turn on, verify the reed switch is properly positioned.
  9. If the reed switch is properly seated, check the push button/magnet assembly to ensure the small magnet rod on the underside of the push button is in place. On motors with the new ON/OFF magnetic reed switch, a small rod magnet is used to activate the reed switch.
  10. If the magnet is missing from the push button assembly, replace part number 2993702 (for the round push button) or part number 2993705 (for the D-shaped push button), and test motor for proper operation.
  11. If the reed switch and magnet are in place, and the magnet is in close proximity to the reed switch when the push button is depressed, but the motor still does not run then the reed switch is faulty requires replacement kit part number 2884019.
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